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Relocation notice

For us to increase our R&D efforts in making the best products possible, further improve our awesome customer service, and expand our media content, we will be relocating our warehouse and fulfilment to Guangzhou, where our brothers and sisters at AERO+ will help us take care of shipping out your orders.

With a professional team at AERO+ handling packing and shipping, it means your orders will be processed and shipped without delay even when we are away competing or doing event coverage, and not only that, with all the extra time we will be able to spend more of it creating more awesomeness for you and other RC glider enthusiasts.

Normal operations will be in effect up to and including September 8th, and will resume on October 1st. Orders made between these two dates will not start shipping until we are back in operations on October 1st, but will enjoy an awesome 15% discount.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused during this time.


Thomas Lee

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GO Mini pre-order delivery time estimate

Hi guys, 

I know you are all anxious to get the (kickass) GO Mini's in your hands. I've compiled an approximate delivery time schedule based on your order numbers this past weekend. For reference, INV denotes a manually entered order, and orders starting with # were placed on our web store here. The listed order number denotes the LAST order to be included in that batch. I know some guys are keen on getting the 950mm models if it means speeding up their delivery time, so look out for my posting on Facebook and RCGroups about the possibility of earlier 950mm models becoming available. If you have any questions or concerns please send me an email. 

March 9

March 16

March 27

April 6

April 13

April 19

April 27

May 4

May 12

May 20
(last batch of pre-order models)

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