The GO DLG is a upcoming glider we are distributing aimed to lower to DLG entry barrier. DLG entry cost has risen steadily over the last several years, with very few new models arriving on the scene to take advantage of new building techniques and production to lower costs.

With the GO, our goal is to provide an affordable, good-quality, easy-to-fly DLG, that doesn't give up too much in performance compared to the models twice its price.

One-piece molded wing construction with CNC milled solid foam core was chosen to provide the best finish and accuracy. Reducing structural requirements leads to the ability to not have to use the lightest/strongest/most expensive materials, so while keeping the area of a modern high aspect ratio wing (19.5 dm^2), the span was reduced to 1.3 meters. In addition to reducing the structural loads on the wing, this makes the wing chord wider, making the plane easier to fly and more forgiving to errors in flight.

Due to the molded nature of the wing, inherently there is less building/assembly required compared to the typical bagged DLG in the price range.

The GO will be $2,550 HKD (~$329 USD) shipped world-wide.
Standard colors are: Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Fl. Green, Fl. Purple, Yellow, Light Blue.

I expect sales to commence in about 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Here is the latest prototype from the factory, just out of the molds. TE core thickness still needs a little bit of tweaking but overall things are very close. Once it is ready for order, I will update a product page!

Happy thermals,

Thomas Lee


  • What will the Fuselage and tail look like? This does seem like an interesting low cost option to those mega buck DLGs that only 1% of the folks can afford……

    Gary Schroeter on

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