Looking for servos or small parts in the US? Check out our US store: www.armsoarusa.com Contact | info@armsoar.com |

In addition to our webstore, ArmSoar models and products as well as KST servos can be purchased through our distributors: 

Premier Dealer
United Kingdom


Country Company Email
Australia Performance Models
Austria Coming Soon Coming Soon
Canada FT Hobbies & Equipment Ltd info@soartogo.com
China AERO+ nickbox@qq.com
Japan Kenichi Izumi / Toyohiko Asazuma abendthermik@gmail.com
United States ArmSoar USA info@armsoar.com


If you would like to sell our products, including our BAMF 2, Deviant, and Fury models and KST servos, please send us an email! We are looking for distributors all over the globe.

ArmSoar is an official KST factory distributor and supplies many stores around the world. If you would like to sell KST servos in your store, please be sure to send us an email!


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