Warehouse closed for due to quarantine. Orders will resuming shipping March 1, 2020. Contact | info@armsoar.com |

Warehouse Lockdown

Warehouse Temporariy Closed

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus quarantine in China, many of the orders have been delayed in fulfillment. As the government is allowing workers to start going back to work after February 10, we will ship all outstanding China warehouse orders in the week of February 10.
To ensure the safety of our warehouse staff. Once we clear the backlogged orders, the warehouse will extend a voluntary quarantine until March 1st.
Any orders placed after today will NOT be shipped until after March 1st. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
This doesn't affect any orders made on www.armsoarusa.com and any models to be made and shipped directly from the factory.

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Our passion for soaring goes beyond the flying field: From designing the latest gliders, to fabricating the composite machines, and making them all available for purchase with a click of a button. And above all else, we want YOU to be able to enjoy the latest gliders from our own workshops and from across the world, just as much as we enjoy them.

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