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Should I launch full power?

In a contest situation, there are many tasks where I find myself not throwing with full power. In fact, the only task where I throw with everything I’ve got is Task C – All Up Last Down. Why? If I throw with all my strength every launch, by the time we reach the fly-offs I will be too tired to throw consistently, resulting in less power (lower height), more wrong release timings (lower height, possibly wrong launch direction), and more hooked launches (lower height, wrong launch direction, damaging to planes), and it’s true for many pilots.

The key is to design and maintain a launch technique for yourself where you only use 80% of power, but get 95% of the max height, then you will find going through a long contest much more rewarding, and possibly with increased ranking simply because you have power left and have fewer launching mistakes / mis-timings.

在比賽的環境裏面,我發現自己在飛很多項目時候都沒有用全力發射的。甚至,我唯一用全力發射的項目就是項目C – 一起起飛。爲什麽?如果我每次飛行都用最大裏的力量發射,到了決賽時,我已經太累了。因此,發射力量會減少 (失去高度),也容易出手時出現錯誤 (失去高度,發射到錯的方向,傷飛機),其實很多選手也會遇到這些問題。


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Launch Tip #1

A launch is the first part of any flight, and being able to launch higher has many advantages: going to further thermals, allowing more mistakes, etc. Practice launches slowly and maintain proper form and rhythm without adding power. Keep practicing like that and don’t worry about height for now. After a while, the motion will become smoother and smoother, and with smoothness speed and height will come. As they say, slow = smooth = fast.


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