TS-GDM1510A Planetary Gear Drive Motor (4.75:1)

Type: Motors

TS-GDM1510A Planetary Gear Drive Motor (4.75:1)


TS-GB13A gearbox*1

TS-MI-EVO1510GA Motor*1



Maximum Diameter: 29mm

Weight: 107g

Shaft diameter: 5mm

Installation hole distance: 19mm

KV: 4650KV/3550KV /3950KV/5000KV


TS-GB13A gearbox shell is processed by high-precision CNC, which ensures the strength and reduces the redundant weight as much as possible without losing the beauty. The process of CNC cutting and heat treatment hardening is adapted to make the gear reach gear precision level 6, and the design of planetary gear with full needle roller ensures the smoothness and durability of the gear box in the limit environment.

TS-MI-EVO1510GA series motor is based on Tenshock high-end motor Evo series. It is specially optimized and improved to meet the needs of current popular glider F5J project. The shell adopts CNC hollow design to reduce weight and improve heat dissipation effect. The stator core is made of high performance silicon steel sheet with thickness of 0.1mm, which effectively reduces the eddy current loss under high frequency operation.

Copper silver alloy wire is used in the coil to reduce the internal resistance of the coil in a limited space. The rotor is made of high-grade NdFeB magnet and wrapped with high-strength Kevlar which can ensure the magnetic field strength and effectively prevent the rotor from bursting under high rotation.

Combined with 20 years of motor manufacturing experience of Tenshock, its overall performance has reached a new level.