Servo Frame - KST X08H

by ArmSoar
3D printed ABS servo frames for the KST X08H, allowing you to install and maintain your servos installed in the wings with ease. Designed to push tightly against the servos, this thick servo frame locks the servo in and once screwed down, the entire unit is very dimensionally stable, minimizing any potential slop or damage from developing. Due to the partially-hollow structure, the frame is significantly lighter than solid molded plastic parts, while the thickness and dimensions allow it to be more stable. The ABS is tougher and more resilient to high temperatures than PLA components.

V1 Weight: ~2.8 grams / set (2)
V2 Weight: ~1.8 grams / set (2)

Assorted black or white (random).

Suitable for KST X08H servos for F3K, F5J and other applications.