F5K ArmSoar Powertrain (1806 KV2450, 20A ESC)

Type: Powertrain

We wanted to create a world-class turnkey powertrain system for F5K gliders or electric DLGs, so together with T-Motor, we have created this lineup of fantastic solutions for you.

This 1806 version is suitable for heavy weight F5K and electric assist 1.5m DLGs on 2S LiPo, and perfect for the E-Medina and other F5-RES 2m gliders on 3S LiPo. 

Motor: 1806
KV: 2450
Output Shaft Diameter: 5mm, threaded
ESC: 20A
ESC Firmware: BLHeli_S
Peak Current (15S): 25A
BEC: 4.5A @ 5.6V
Weight: 26.5 grams
Power: 2-3S
Battery Connector: XT30
Receiver Connector: JR/Dupont
Recommended Spinner: CN Models 25/5
Recommended Prop: CN Models Fury 7x4 (2S) or 6x4 (3S)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Thomas Carlson
Very good power system

I am using this powertrain in the E-Medina and it is fantastic. Very easy setup and install and no issues.

Greg Prindle
Unbelievably power from such a small package

The first time I installed this motor in a electric DLG the power was unbelievable the total weight was 260 grams and I couldn’t use e all the speed from this 1806 kv 2450 motor
I’m using it on a 2.5 meter Joy F5J and I will tell you how it dose
I bought 5 of these motors just because they go out of stock fast
Excellent motor / esc unit low weight
Thank Greg

Ted Flack
1806 Powertrain

Couldn’t be happier. I have them in 4 gliders and no problems at all, and plenty of power.

Great Power Plant!

I put one in my 14.5 ounce E-Purito and love it. I can’t wait to add another to my cart.

The motor along with the CN25mm spinner and 6x4 on 3S is a perfect set up. Launches to 150m with ease.

John C
Power system

Light & powerful 👍