F5K ArmSoar Powertrain (1507 KV2700, 20A ESC)

Type: Powertrain

We wanted to create a world-class turnkey powertrain system for F5K gliders or electric DLGs, so together with T-Motor, we have created this lineup of fantastic solutions for you.

This 1507 version is suitable for light to medium weight F5K or electric assist DLGs. This is also suitable for 'hot' 1m e-DLG setups.

Motor: 1507
KV: 2700
Output Shaft Diameter: 5mm, threaded
ESC: 20A
ESC Firmware: BLHeli_S
Peak Current (15S): 25A
BEC: 4.5A @ 5.6V
Weight: 21.5 grams
Power: 2-3S
Battery Connector: XT30
Receiver Connector: JR/Dupont
Recommended Spinner: CN Models 25/5
Recommended Prop: CN Models Fury 7x4 or 6x4