CN-U Spinner Pro 30/4/24

Type: Spinners

A new universal version CN-U Spinner Pro 30 mm.

The improved cone shape made it possible to make 30 mm and 32 mm spinners interchangeable.

That is, you only need to change the plastic part. The hub and collets are the same.

The main advantage of the CN-U Spinner 30 at the previous CN Spinner 30 is that the hub is located farther from the motor mount, which allows the blades to fit the fuselage even better.


  1. The collets of the previous generation of CN Spinners 30 mm DO NOT fit the new spinner CN-U Spinner 30 mm!

  2. You can use for it ALL collets and hub from the CN Spinner 32, CN Spinner Pro 32, CN-U Spinner 32 and CN-U Spinner Pro 32.

CN-U Spinner Pro with diameter 30 mm was designed for inrunner motors, which are fixed on the
frame in the traditional way (by front side of a motor).

Diameter motor shaft or hole in the collet = 4 mm
Distance between the axes of the blades = 24 mm
Blade tilt angle = 0.

Prop blade root width = 6 mm

Prop hinge pin diameter = 3 mm

The hub and collet are made by milling of aluminum with further anodizing. The shockproof cone is cast in glass-nylon composite.