Join Team ArmSoar!

Team ArmSoar is one of the premiere teams in F3K, with World Championship podium finishers, Eurotour Grand Champions, and most importantly, friends and brothers from across the globe who all share the same passion. In addition to discounts on purchases, team pilots will be able to choose between several of the best planes on the market to use; you will not be tied to just one for all situations and conditions. The available planes for use are:

  • Arctus
  • BAMF
  • Deviant

Team ArmSoar pilots are a direct representation of the brand. As such, team pilots are held to a high standard of personal conduct, and must display a deep consideration to the F3K community. Contest results are equally as important, as well as a presence on one or more forums or social media.

Below are the primary requirements that must be met:

  • Friendly, positive, and outgoing personality, and
  • Willingness to help beginners and others with questions, and
  • Active on a F3K forum (RC Groups, RC-Network, etc) or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc)

We are always on the lookout for new pilots to join our family. If you think you want what it takes, please send us a message with the following details:

  • Full name,
  • Country of residence,
  • Years competing in F3K ,
  • List of contest results in past twelve months,
  • Exceptional F3K achievements (if any), and
  • Current model used.

Thank you for the consideration, and we are looking forward to welcoming more into the ArmSoar family in the future. Good luck and have fun!


Thomas Lee