1s lipo batteries for dlg discus launch gliders

Using 1S LiPo Batteries in DLGs

Using 1S LiPo Batteries in DLGs

What batteries should I use in DLGs?


There are several ways to power a discus launch glider (DLG), each with its strengths and weaknesses. But the most popular batteries to power DLGs are single-cell lithium polymer (1S LiPo) batteries. The typical battery capacity is 250-650 mAh, depending on the model's usable space and weight requirements.

But are they reliable? Why are they so popular? How do I charge 1S LiPo batteries, and how should I store them?

Are 1S LiPo batteries reliable in powering the servos and receiver?

Yes, but it depends. All the popular DLG servos like the KST A08 v6 and X06 v6 operate well on 1S LiPos. Most servos will run until the receiver dies at ~3-3.3 V. Most modern 2.4 GHz receivers also work with 1S LiPos, including FrSky, Spektrum, Futaba, Graupner, JR, and Jeti. However, test your receiver just in case.

Why are 1S LiPo batteries so popular?

1S LiPo batteries are perfect for DLGs. It provides long flight times compared to the NiMH batteries - which used to be the most common battery type for DLGs - is simple to charge, easily accessible, and cheap.

How do I charge 1S LiPo batteries?

When charging at the flying field, you can use a simple $1 charging chip from Amazon with a USB power bank. Depending on the unit, it will charge 1S LiPos at 0.5-1 A. At home or in the workshop, most modern LiPo chargers will charge 1S LiPo batteries.

How should I store 1S LiPo batteries?

LiPo batteries last the longest if you store them at 3.8 V per cell. That means if you're using a 1S LiPo pack, store it at 3.8 V, and if you're using a 2S LiPo pack, store it at 7.4 V.

But if that battery is already inside my DLG, I keep it fully charged, so it's ready to go on a whim. Keeping the LiPo batteries fully charged does degrade the pack over time, but I cycle them once every couple of months to keep an eye on the battery health and replace them at the end of the year.

If you haven't tried using 1S LiPos in your DLG yet, give it a try! You may find out exactly why it is such a popular option. Check out our ArmSoar 1S LiPo battery packs, they're designed to fit in most DLGs: 1S 350 mAh, 1S 500 mAh.

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