SEQURE SQ001 Mini 65W Soldering Iron Set

by Sequre
Type: Tools
Lightweight, smart, portable and powerful, the SQ-001 soldering iron is a must-have tool for any RC pilot. Power it with your LiPo pack for fast heat-up times.

The SQ-001 is made with 304 stainless steel nested in an ABS + PC shell with an integrated power interface, safety circuit, and antistatic structure. The perfect combination of the embedded STM32 processor, dual temperature sensor, and acceleration transmitter helps the SQ-001 realize intelligent temperature control between 100 - 400 degrees Celcius. The SQ-001 provides stable temperature control, very fast temperature rise, automatic sleep mode, over-temperature alarm, and other functions.
  • Display: OLED
  • Supply: 12V - 24V Input
  • Power: 65W
  • Temperature Range: 100˚ - 400˚C (212˚ - 752˚F)
  • Preset Operating Temperature: 300˚C
  • Preset Sleep Temperature: 200˚ C
  • 1x SQ-001 Soldering Iron
  • 4x Soldering Iron Tips (TS-B2, TS-BC2, TS-D24, TS-I)
  • 1x Soldering Iron Stand
  • 1x XT60 Power Cable
  • 1x Lead-Free Solder 
  • 1x Mini Tool Bag
Safety Notice
  • Please use ground, suitable power supply and other accessories to ensure safe use.
  • When the SQ-001 is used for the first time, it may emit light smoke due to the heating of the electric heating elements, which is normal.
  • If the SQ-001 is used continuously above 350˚ - 400˚ C for 40 minutes, the temperature of the soldering iron handle will reach 50˚ - 60˚ C.
  • When the SQ-001 heats up, do not touch the tip of the soldering iron to avoid burns.
  • When the SQ-001 is powered on, the soldering iron tip cannot be replaced.

Customer Reviews

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Braxton Cook
Took some work, but it’s excellent now

The soldering iron needed a firmware update upon arrival. It’s a bit tricky to flash and took multiple attempts. Ended up flashing open source firmware as the update from the manufacturer never took. Now that it’s working, I enjoy the features and responsiveness of the soldering iron. It’s easy to set and the boost mode really helps with those bulky components/wire. Nice little product. It just took a while to spark to life.