CN-U Spinner Pro 32/6/24

Type: Spinners

A new universal spinner CN-U Spinner Pro 32 mm.

ALL parts (collets, hubs) from the previous version of CN Spinner Pro 32 mm are suitable for the new version of CN-U Spinner Pro 32 mm.

And also are suitable collets and hubs from new CN-U Spinners Pro 30 mm.

 The advantage of CN "Universal" spinners is that you can change the spinner 30 mm to the spinner 32 mm, while the collet and the hub remain the same.

CN-U Spinners Pro 32 was designed for inrunner motors, wich are fixed on the frame in the traditional way (by front side of a motor). 

Diametr motor shaft or hole in the collet = 6 mm;  distance between the axes of the blades = 24 mm; the blade tilt angle = 0.

Prop hinge pin diameter = 3 mm

Prop blade root width = 6 mm

 The aluminum hub with  replaceable collet is developed for pilots, who want to take full advantage of the capabilities of his glider. The construction is light and strong. The existence of collet will allow to use the same spinner for the motors with different diameters of shafts. You can  easily and quickly replace both the blades on the CN-U Spinner Pro 32 or the entire spinner if the weather changes.

The hub and collet are made by milling of aluminum with further anodizing. The shape of the hub will allow to fold the blades closer to the fuselage for drag reduction when gliding.
The shockproof cone is cast in glass-nylon composite.