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If you're looking for the best high-performance servo for your DLG or any other demanding model running 1S LiPo power and demands a reliable, precise, and high-torque servo... the A08H V6 LV is for you.

The brand new A08H V6 LV series servos are the next step up in KST's high-performance micro servo range. Even though it looks similar to the X08 servos at first glance, is low-voltage optimized, and is also 8mm thick, the similarities end there. The A08H V6 LV is an all-around upgrade.

The A08H V6 LV uses a brand new gearset, designed for higher precision and more resistance to damage. The motor is completely encased to prevent accidental damage to the wiring and motor. Even though the A08H V6 LV is shorter than the X08 servos, the torque remains the same high-torque output to properly hold the center and prevent flutter.

For advanced users, the A08H V6 LV is programmable via the KST Tool #1 to adjust the servo's endpoints, center, and direction for perfect installations. KST Tool #1 is sold separately.

KST A08 v6.0 LV Spec Sheet

Technical Specifications:

  • Programmable with KST Tool #1 (end points, center, direction)
  • Case Dimensions: 23.5mm x 8mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 7g ± 10%
  • Operation Voltage: DC4.2V
  • Operation Voltage Range: DC3.5V - 4.2V
  • Stalling Torque: 2.0Kg.cm @ 4.2V
  • Speed: 0.15sec/60° @ 4.2V
                0.18sec/60° @ 3.5V

Designed for 1S use (not 2S lipo compatible).

*Note, KST servos cannot be shipped to Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg by themselves. Only if purchased with models.*

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Carlson
Best bang for buck

I only fly F3K / DLG gliders, and this servo seems to be the hands down best for the money. Used by OEMs and end users alike. They are very precise and run very efficiently on my 1s setup. Installed these into the wings of my CX-5.