by KST
Type: Servos
The new F5J standard by KST.

The A version is for wing-mounted (horizontal) tabs

The HS08 is a high-performance servo designed primarily with F5J electric gliders in mind. While near the same size as the popular X08 servos, the HS08 packs much more torque to meet the demands of a F5J model. 

With hardened steel gears, the HS08 will stand up to rough landings much better than current offerings on the market. The small size and 8mm profile allows the HS08 to fit into thinner wings without protrusions of bubbles needed.

Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 24 X 8 X 25.25 mm
  • Rated Torque @ 1.5 kg.cm@6V
  • Stalling Torque @ 5.1 kg.cm@6V
  •  Speed @ 250° / second

  • Default Travel Angle: ±60° = 120° total travel      
  •  Weight: 11 grams

KST HS08 A Spec Sheet