Phantom (1.5M Almost Ready to Fly, F5K/eDLG)

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by ArmSoar

Getting into competitive radio control soaring is expensive; the Phantom is here to change that.

The Phantom is an almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) balsa RC glider meant for sport flying and flying in F5K and electric-assist DLG competitions. The Phantom is designed with the same care for performance as our composite models like the BAMF 2 and Fury while taking into account the balsa airframe structure and optimizing for its flying weight.

Easily handling and forgiving, the Phantom will allow you to catch thermals confidently, whether you are a beginner or an advanced pilot. 

The wing can be broken down into three pieces, and the V-tail is fully removable into two flat surfaces to make it highly portable.


  • 7-channels: Ailerons, Flaps, V-tails, Motor
  • Wing airfoils: AG45c - AG47c
  • Wing area: 21.64dm²
  • All-up weight: approx 300-310 grams

Recommended Gear

  • Wing servos: 4* KST X06N v6 or X06H v6
  • Tail servos: 2* KST X06N v6 or X06 v6
  • Battery: ArmSoar 2S 520 mAh LiHV
  • Motor: ArmSoar 1507 Powertrain
  • Spinner: CN 25/5
  • Prop: CN Fury 7x4

What’s Included

  • Pre-built and covered removable wing panels (1* centre, 2* tips)
  • Pre-built and covered removable tail surfaces (1* left, 1* right)
  • Pre-built and covered nose and canopy
  • Pre-drilled carbon boom
  • Tail mounting pins
  • Joiners
  • Tail springs
  • Pull-string wire
  • Repair covering patches NOT included

Customer Reviews

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clifford bryan

Great quality kit, very well problem with. Outboard aileron got me very frustrated but I solved the problem with my method, not theirs..some oily fingerprints on inside of yellow covering, would not buy again but for most I think it would be fine, not me

William Pugh

High quality aircraft but I would have liked written instructions for assembly. I watched the good video, the measurements were hard to see I had to rewind the video several times and expand it to figure out the measurements. There is no mention of the C/G.

Arthur Scheurer

the model is great
Thank you Art

Arthur Scheurer
It is great

The model is beautifully done. I Couldn"t build that well.