E-Medina (2M Almost Ready to Fly)

by ArmSoar

Many of us want to fly F5-RES competitions or have fun with a high-performance 2-meter electric glider for sport flying, but who really has time to spend two weeks' worth of evenings putting together a balsa kit nowadays? We get it. That's why we set out to do something about that!

The E-Medina is an almost ready-to-fly (ARF) F5-RES/F5L electric glider and comes with fully pre-built and covered surfaces so you can enjoy flying the model shortly after receiving the package. To complete the model, you only need to glue the carbon boom into the nose, glue the tail-mounting carbon pins into pre-drilled holes, mount the servos and run the pull-string wires.

Created in partnership with Performance Models in Australia, the E-Medina uses new airfoils purpose-designed for the flight envelope of modern F3/F5-RES competition flying. The wingtips are specifically optimized for great tip-stalling characteristics and could handle high variations in the angle of attack. The result? A glider that turns tighter and more efficiently than similar designs, perfect for low-level thermal flying

The properly-sized and removable V-tail is designed for control and great low-speed handling, crucial during soft thermals and the landing phase. And of course, the V-tail not only looks good but helps minimize the overall drag of the E-Medina for better L/D in all aspects of the flight envelope.

The fuselage is minimalistic but fits our ArmSoar 1806 powertrains perfectly, further minimizing overall drag from the completed model.

For orders from Australia and New Zealand, please purchase from Performance Models


  • 4-channels: V-tails, Spoiler, Motor
  • Wing airfoils: MS series
  • Wing area: 36.2 dm²
  • Root chord: 200mm
  • Wingspan: 2 meters
  • AUW: ~ 450-460 grams

Recommended Gear

  • Tail servos: 2* KST X06 v6
  • Spoiler servo: 1* KST X06H v6
  • Battery: ArmSoar 3S 550mAh LiHV
  • Motor: ArmSoar 1806 Powertrain
  • Spinner: CN 25/5
  • Prop: CN 6x4

What's Included

  • Pre-built and covered removable wing panels (1* centre, 2* tips)
  • Pre-built and covered removable tail surfaces (1* left, 1* right)
  • Pre-built and covered nose and canopy
  • Pre-drilled carbon boom
  • Tail mounting pins
  • Joiners
  • Tail springs
  • Pull-string wire
  • Repair covering patches NOT included


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Very high quality ARF.

I'm looking forward to flying a high quality glider. This has been a pleasure to put together.

Beautiful glider

The glider and powertrain sets arrived safely, thanks to ArmSoar for making this beautiful aircraft. Just finished building and waiting good weather conditions to maiden.

But in addition, this is a customer complaint because ArmSoar sent two shipments separately when processing the order, but since the invoice did not separate them, the glider was taxed twice when the goods cleared custom.

Steven cohen
Airplane and airplane needed supplies

Unbelievably fast shipping from the other side of the world. Super duper well packed moderna is a beautiful plane I don't think it'll take more than one or two nights to put it together. It's my holiday gift to me. Happy holidays to all and bright Skies in the new year.


The model look great, build very well very recommend

Brian Chan
E-Medina ARF

WHile this plane is for more experienced pilots, but I found that the lack of info on the assembly "interesting"! THere is no CG information on the plane. Just a simple video on YT kind of give you a slight hints on how it should be.The spoiler is warpped at it showed up. I added a piece of carbon rod on it ( dug a channel and push the rod in until it is flush on top) Now the spoiler is stiff and straight and I also cover the back of the spoiler to prevent moisture from getting the balsa wet.Also there is no mention of how the spoiler is hinged. The cover on the spoiler bay was trimmed off at the top, none went into the bay. Not sure where the spoiler hinge can be attached. ( not liking the idea of putting tape of raw balsa!). Still waiting for the rx to show up before test flight can begin.