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ArmSoar Composite Gliders

Stark Pro
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A new generation of DLG from LD Models, the Stark Pro continues the successful use of a solid foam core, sandwiched and molded in precision CNC molds.

Following the trend towards smaller wing areas, the Spark Pro comes in at a modest 20 dm^2. Along with the newly developed thin airfoils, the glider launches effortlessly, and penetrates well even at low flying-weights.

One of the coolest things about the Spark Pro has to be the incredibly low weight of the wings while retaining their stiffness. The Strong layup wings are coming in at around 110-112 grams, while the light wings are coming in at a (yeah, that's right!) 88-92 grams! A light layup with careful assembly can result in an AUW of around 210 grams, possibly even pushing to 200 grams if you're lucky. 

While some planes do not benefit from such a light weight, the Stark Pro was designed from the ground up to operate at such low wing loadings. The lower weight allows the release speed to be increased, significantly boosting launch height (in addition to its low drag design). Another important aspect to such a low weight is the continued stress on your body is much lower throughout the flying day, so you can throw higher for a longer period of time without being as tired. This is very helpful during contests, especially when conditions are hot and grueling.

The solid core construction allows for durable parts as well as making it easier to repair in case anything does happen.


  • Solid XPS core molded wing
  • Light Carbon: 36 gsm Carboline
  • Strong Carbon: Textreme
  • Tails: 28 gsm Carboline
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • 1-piece wing
  • Top-drive
  • Wing: Solid XPS core, Carboline STF, A-Spread STF
  • Fuselage: Carbon, fiberglass (2.4 ghz friendly)
  • Tail group: Solid XPS core, Carboline STF
Flight Characteristics:
  • Good launch
  • Long range
  • Good penetration
  • Wing airfoil: Proprietary
  • Wing area: 20.0 dm^2
  • AUW: 200-250 grams
Recommended Gear:
  • Receiver: Graupner GR-16L (no case)
  • Flaperons: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Tails: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 650mah 1s LiPo

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