ST8 Advanced Servo Tester


A good servo tester is one of the most basic but important tools for setting up the perfect servo installs and linkages on your RC glider. Apart from using it to cycle through your new servos, the servo tester is used extensively during the build process to make sure your linkage geometry is maximized for performance. Get the most travel with the best accuracy from your servo installs.

  • Input voltage: 7-28V@MAX 10A
  • Main output port: 5.0V-28.0V@MAX 10A
  • Signal port: 5.0V-8.4V@MAX 4A/S1-S4
  • Output voltage: 5.0V-8.4V@MAX 4A/S4 Ext.
  • Output signal:
  • 100us-2900us@33-1000Hz @S1-S4
  • PWM 500us-2500us@S5
  • PPM 8CH@S5 SBUS 16CH@S5
  • P1 rotation range: 1000us-2000us@P1
  • MicroUSB: Upgrade @ USB3.0
  • LCD display: 2.4 inch TFT RGB 320*240 resolution
  • Product Size: 99mm*68mm*26mm
  • Weight: 140g