Mini Dart 2

$335.00 Regular price
Type: Gliders

The Mini Dart 2 is the perfect first DLG. Small, compact, high quality, and such a good value.

Wing and tails are molded with a solid foam core for a high-quality finish and lightweight, and the fuselage is completely molded with the elevator mount glued on at the factory.

With a nosecone design, the MD2 is easy to assemble and use. All four servos are installed in the nose, with ample room for battery and receiver choices.

Note, the foam core used in the Mini Dart 2 is XPS and not CA compatible. Please use epoxy for assembly.

Note 2, due to the lighter tail section on the carbon version, the battery goes behind the servo tray for CG balance.


  • Wingspan: 1,000 mm
  • Wing Area: 11.6 dm²
  • Wing Airfoil: AG-45, AG-455, AG-46, AG-47
  • Stab Airfoil: HT-22
  • Fibreglass AUW: ~145 grams
  • Standard Carbon AUW: ~120 grams
  • Strong Carbon AUW: ~130 grams

Recommended Gear

  • Receiver: Spektrum AR410, FrSky GR6, FrSky R6, Jeti R4L, Futaba R3004SB
  • Servos: KST X06 v6
  • Battery: 300-400 mAh 1S LiPo