M4 Pocket Charger

Type: Chargers

Looking for a convenient and accurate field charger? Whether you fly DLGs on 1S* or flying 4S on F5J models, the M4 will provide you with a quick charging solution on the go. The single button control makes operation simple and foolproof, while the included ports will allow you to charge both XT30 and XT60 packs without any adapters. For DLG pilots running 1S with the usual JR/Dupont or JST connector, you can use or make any adapter that connects with XT30 or XT60 connectors.

*Requires a 1S charging adapter, sold separately.


  • Input: XT60 5.0-25.0V, Max 5A
  • USB-C: 5.0-20.0V QC, PD, AFC, FCP protocol
  • Battery Type: LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, LiPo
  • Storage: 1-4S
  • Charging Power: 1.0-5.0A @ Max 80W
  • Balance Current: 400mA @ 4.20V
  • Charging Accuracy: <0.005V
  • Display: IPS 1.54" 240*240px
  • Product Size: 80*40*30mm
  • Weight: 75g