KST Tool #1

by KST

The KST Tool #1 is used to program all KST v6 and v8 servos. It can be used to make small adjustments to the mid-point, end-points, and direction of servos for better linkage symmetry and geometry.

*Do not exceed end points by 10˚ adjustment


  1. Power input: Built-in XT60PW connector, suitable for connection to power sources via XT60 connectors.
    • Tool #1 input voltage range: DC 5.0V – 28.0V
    • CAUTION!!! Choose your input voltage based on the specifications of your KST servo being programmed. Your input voltage will be passed directly to the servo; do NOT input high voltage without verifying the servo’s voltage for compatibility. Example: X20-12-M-835-1 has a voltage range of 9.0V – 13.0V, so the input voltage for Tool #1 when attached to said servo will be DC 9.0V – 13.0V.
  2. Servo output: Used for connecting KST servos. Two servos can be connected simultaneously (top and bottom), but only one servo can be selected/programmed at a given time.
    When connecting the servo, make note of the symbols ‘- + S’ and ensure the servos are plugged in in the correct orientation. Typically, the servo wire for ‘S’ will be orange or white.
    ‘-‘ DC- DC negative
    ‘+’ DC+        DC positive
    ‘S’ Signal     PWM signal
  3. Powering up and settings operations
    • Once power is connected, Tool #1 will enter self-testing mode. Once the self-test is completed, the buzzer will sound twice, and P_LED will flash orange. You may now connect your servo(s) to Tool #1.
    • Verify the operating voltage of your servo, then proceed to connect the servo to Tool #1 to one of the ‘- + S’ connectors. Once connected, Tool #1 will recognize the servo and return it to the midpoint (1500us) position. At this time, the LED under 1500us will light up red and enter the midpoint setting mode.
    • Midpoint setting: After entering the midpoint setting mode, use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons underneath 1500us to adjust the midpoint. Once adjusted to the desired new midpoint position, press ‘Enter’. Once programmed successfully, the buzzer will sound once and proceed to enter the endpoint setting mode.
    • Endpoint setting: After entering the endpoint setting mode, use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons under 1000us or 2000us to adjust the endpoint(s). Once adjusted to the desired new endpoint positions, press ‘Enter’. Once programmed successfully, the buzzer will sound once, P_LED will begin flashing, and proceed to enter standby mode.
    • When entering the midpoint setting mode or endpoint setting mode and no adjustments are needed, press ‘Enter’ to skip.
  4. Direction settings
    • Definitions: CW (Clockwise), CCW (Counter clockwise)
    • To change the servo direction, enter the endpoint setting mode and press ‘CW/CCW’, then press ‘Enter’.
  5. Reset
    • The ‘Reset’ button only resets Tool #1, and does not reset the servo settings.