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ArmSoar Composite Gliders

CG / Setup Stand
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Before your first flight, the CG must be set up correctly on your model to achieve good flying behavior and ensure success in flying. Tuning the CG will also allow you to unlock the potential of your model, while tailoring the handling to your liking. 

This is a sturdy, accurate balancing stand for measuring the center of gravity on models with CG locations up to 85 mm from the leading edge, with wing leading edge guides. Can also be doubled as a setup stand for tuning your model settings.

Balance arms are restricted to a maximum of 5 degrees movement in each direction to ensure the model does not fall over while setting up the CG, reducing changes of damage to your model and increasing convenience during setup. This rotation restriction also allows the CG stand to act as a model setup stand.

While many balancing stands have an adjustable guide on the balancing arms themselves, this requires constant calibration of the arms to meet each CG location. We have designed the guide to the base of the stand so you only need to calibrate the arms the first time you use it, and know it's accurate every time.


  • Max CG measurement from leading edge: 85 mm
  • Max fuselage width: 42 mm
  • Max fuselage depth: 55 mm from bottom of wing
  • Balance arm max 5 degree tilt each side
Kit Includes:
  • Laser-cut acrylic parts
  • 2* ball bearing supports
  • 2* M3*12 screws
  • 2* M3 nuts
  • 2* M3 washers
  • 1* Sticker set for balance rule and logos

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