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The BAMF has been discontinued. Please message us for more information on the BAMF 2.

Bring A Model & Fly

Always ready to go, the BAMF lets you enjoy high performance soaring with no fuss.


Imagine the flying efficiency and incredible L/D of the Vibe 2, with a huge chunk of extra launch height. That, is the BAMF. Designed with a higher aspect ratio and smaller area wing, the BAMF launches like nothing else and cuts through turbulence with ease. And thinks to its light weight and low wing loading, it will also slow down and work light bubbly thermals, and let you throw all weekend without a sore back on Monday.

Ease of Building & Reliability

How many times have you been at the flying field or contest, and had to stop flying a model because of some small pesky detail like a loose torque rod? How many hours have you spent in the workshop fiddling with the build? We want you to go fly, and fiddle less. That's why the BAMF uses our QuikLink aileron system with pushrods coming out of the specially designed flaring in the fuselage, first introduced in the GO Mini and perfected for our BAMF. Easy to build, the straight and direct linkages creating less unnecessary stress on the hinge and small parts means less maintenance and higher reliability.

The nosecone design allows all electronic components to be easily accessed, and all servos are screwed-in to the servo tray allowing for effortless servo swaps that you can even do at the field if the need ever arises.


To create the highest quality model possible, we have partnered with one of the best DLG buildrs in the world. All BAMF models are built in the Ukraine to the highest standards in composite DLG fabrication.

All parts are made in precision-milled CNC molds. Wings and tails are solid core Rohacell and carbon skins, while the complete fuselage is molded in one piece including the tail mounts. Being such a thin wing, the structural stiffness and integrity are both extremely important. As a result we have settled for nothing but the best - large UMS40 spar caps connected through the wing with a vertical carbon shear web. Flaperons are reinforced with massive doublers for additional torsional stiffness.

With the latest advancements in materials and fabrication, we have been able to keep the weights incredibly low. The flying weight for the standard layup is expected to be around 210-215 grams, and the strong layup around 220-225 grams.

  • Solid Rohacell mold
  • Light: CW30 skin, ~210 grams AUW
  • Standard: CW40 skin, ~220 grams AUW
  • Strong: Custom bi-axial CW60 skin,  ~230 grams AUW
  • Tails: Carboweave skin
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • 1-piece wing
  • QuikLink
Flight Characteristics:
  • Incredibly high launching
  • Cuts through wind and turbulence at low weight
  • Wingspan: 1490 mm
  • Wing area: 18.67 dm^2
  • Wing airfoil: modified Synergy 2 series
  • Controls: Flaperons, Rudder, Elevator (4 Channel)
Recommended Gear:
  • Receiver: FrSky X4R
  • Servos: 4* KST X08 v5
  • Battery: 1S LiPo 380-520 mAh

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