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In a quest to provide a high performance plane at a reasonable price matched with outstanding quality and good availability, ArmSoar Composite Gliders has partnered with Peak Composite World to bring to you the brand new Vibe.

Although the root chord is only 166.4 mm, the taper is very gentle, giving it a total area is 21.05 dm^2. This results in a wing with enough area to climb in soft lift, with gentle turning behavior, and ability to sense even the smallest thermals. Launching the Vibe is extremely satisfying, with very high launches matching the best launching planes on the market. The ability to catch soft thermals was one of the design goals of the plane, and it delivers. At first you may not be used to the speed and penetration of the Vibe, these are traits that are generally not so well delivered on planes that are so capable of climbing in light lift, and in part that is an advancement made using very thin airfoils with a large amount of camber.

 Wing construction is made with a solid Weicell foam core (same material is Rohacell, but with a finer grain and smoother surface), reinforced with a carbon spar system, and built with the latest spread-tow-fabric on the outside. The wing is then cured in alloy molds at a high temperature with high pressure to maximize the potential of the structure, increasing its final finish and resistance to high temperatures at the flying field before reaching the resinäó»s greatly elevated glass transition point. Flaperons are actuated via servos mounted in the wing, using the top-drive linkage system to provide a robust and easy to maintain linkage. The channel for the pushrods have been pre-milled in the factory, all that is required will be to slightly enlarge it to fit your installation.

 A glass nosecone system is used to provide convenient access to the internal electronics. No tape required and super easy to use. The fuselage itself is molded in one piece with many layers of high performance carbon fiber for the best in stiffness and weight, with a nose built up using black basalt fiber, allowing for easy 2.4ghz gear installation.

 Similar to the wings, the tails are constructed in negative alloy molds under pressure and heat with a solid PMI foam core, carbon spar system, and glass skin. The vertical is easily mounted on the fuselage via a small molded carbon connector.

  • Solid Weicell / Rohacell core molded wing
  • Light: C30 Carboweave wing skin
  • Standard: C40 Carboweave wing skin
  • Tails: Fiberglass skin
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • 1-piece wing
  • Top-drive
  • Wing: Solid Weicell / Rohacell core, Carboweave STF
  • Fuselage: Carbon, fiberglass, basalt (2.4 ghz friendly)
  • Tail group: Solid Weicell / Rohacell core, fiberglass
Flight Characteristics:
  • High launch
  • Great climb rate
  • Sensitive to light thermals
  • High speed
  • High L/D and penetration
  • Friendly handling
  • Wing airfoil: Proprietary
  • Wing area: 21.05dm^2
  • Wing root chord: 166.4 mm
  • Vertical tail airfoil: Z4D
  • Horizontal tail airfoil: Fr3aK V2
  • AUW: 245-255 grams
Recommended Gear:
  • Receiver: Graupner GR-16L, JR RG612BX, JR RG613BX
  • Flaperons: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Tails: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 650mah 1s LiPo
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