Aerial win in Australia!

20140830 Australia Marcus Aerial

Congratulations to Marcus Stent – Australian F3K Team pilot – for winning the F3K competition in Longwood! The weather looked fantastic and the smiles on the faces means everyone must have had fun. The plane suits you well, even the colors match your shirt!! Hope to see more Aerials hitting the skies in Australia soon.


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Aerial and Aerial S

Some beautiful photos of the Aerial and Aerial S models. Note the S fuse is 30mm shorter in the nose, and 70mm shorter in the tail.



In the above photo, the left model is the Aerial-S, and the one on the right is the Aerial.

The standard Aerial really excels in nasty turbulent conditions, where it is critical that the plane can maintain momentum and tracking, increasing efficiency while covering large distances. The S model is more all round, increasing the plane’s agility and efficiency in small thermals. Choose the one that fits your requirements!!

We will also begin offering the plane in one more paint scheme, with just the Aerial logo and a splash of paint on the right wingtip. This is the lightest color scheme available, and helps maintain orientation.

DSC04360 DSC04359

DSC04357 DSC04356

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KST DS245S / DS245H are back in stock!



For the month of September 2014, every 10 KST DS245S or DS245H servos you buy (can be mixed together) in the same order, you will receive 1 extra servo FREE!

We have been testing the DS245S and H servos made by KST both in the shop and in planes, and we’ve been very pleasantly surprised by these servos. Their gear train is tight with no slop, great torque and speed, and good centering, PLUS it in a very thin package at only 8mm. The S version has the Standard tabs what can be used for securing into your servo tray. The H version has the Horizontal tabs, which for the first time, allows you to secure your wing servos with screws in your DLG. Within the ArmSoar family, the Aerial can fit 4 of the KST 245S servos by raising the servo tray height by approximately 1mm, done by laminating a thin piece of balsa over the pre-molded tray.

20140901_142811 20140901_143224

I had some discussions with the owner of KST and they are working really hard at bringing out several servos really suited for DLG applications, and this is one of their first ones in this role. With a good product and pricing, good service, and goals in achieving something truly stand-out for the DLG community, I really recommend these servos for guys looking for something nice to put into their next machine.

KST DS245S (KIT060) KST DS245H (KIT061)
$30 USD $30 USD
¥190 CNY  ¥190 CNY
$220 HKD $220 HKD


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After some fun experiences with the customs in Poland with the molds, and then a little bit of a hiccup with the customs in Hong Kong with the fuselages, we finally got our first batch of the Short fuselages!!!




Take a look, what do you think? :)

Pricing will be the same, we will update the info onto our Aerial page later today, watch out for it!



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FW6 – Be one of the first to get yours!

We are pleased to say that we have placed our first order of a dozen of the FW6 from Podivin Composite Modellbau even before it was announced publicly today!!



Be one of the first to get yours on this interesting plane from a big name like PCM. Why interesting you say? They have taken the recent explosion of planes with ~20dm^2 of wing area and put a new twist on it. Instead of Reducing the area by increasing the wing aspect ratio, they have done so by decreasing the wingspan by 60mm. There are several advantages to this according to PCM: reducing yaw inertia to increase launch height; better structure with a lower AR wing; improve agility and circling characteristics; and broader wingtips than the high AR planes resulting in good natured flight behavior.



In similar fashion to many of the current planes, the wing is built from full carbon, with a solid Rohacell core. The fuselage is a cross between the FW4 and 5, with a slip-on nose that reveals 2 servos on either side of the nose. Easy access and maintenance! The tails are now installed in standard configuration, with a solid Rohacell core and full carbon skins.








There are two layups, the standard which has a wing made of the 39gsm Carboline, with an AUW of ~250g, and a light version with the wings made of the 26gsm Carboline, with an AUW of ~240g.

The page for the FW6 will be ready in a few days. In the mean time, please send us an email to save yours first and be one of the first to fly the FW6!!!

Prices below for reference:

FW6 Standard (KIT078) FW6 Light(KIT079)
$895 USD  $895 USD
¥5500 CNY ¥5500 CNY
$6950 HKD $6950 HKD
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  • Aerial win in Australia!
    Aerial win in Australia!
  • Aerial and Aerial S
    Aerial and Aerial S
  • KST DS245S / DS245H are back in stock!
    KST DS245S / DS245H are back in stock!
  • Aerial-S
  • FW6 - Be one of the first to get yours!
    FW6 - Be one of the first to get yours!

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