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Welcome to ArmSoar!

Our passion for soaring goes beyond the flying field: From designing the latest gliders, to fabricating the composite machines, and making them all available for purchase with a click of a button. And above all else, we want YOU to be able to enjoy the latest gliders from our own workshops and from across the world, just as much as we enjoy them.

Recent blog posts

  1. Vibe - Setup and Tuning Video by Marcus Stent

    Team ArmSoar's Marcus Stent (AUS) has created a very detailed video on his setup and tuning of the Vibe glider. 

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  2. Welcome to our new site!

    This is just the beginning to our new website. In addition to being a great source of purchasing your modelling...

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  3. Should I launch full power?

    In a contest situation, there are many tasks where I find myself not throwing with full power. In fact, the...

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